The Chevron & Crystal Collection

The inspiration for this collection was batik chevron striped bone beads that were hand painted by Kenyan artists.  The beads embodied modernity, eco-fabulosity, and wearable art.  An appreciation for the classic elegance of these bone beads led to the birth of the Chevron & Crystal Collection. 

The chevron shape is a simple, rustic shape that is used in the military and on gasoline logos.  However, this shape is elegant in its symmetry.  This collection was created to showcase the elegance of the chevron shape by featuring beads made from hematite, vintage Swarovski crystals, and recycled glass.  This collection transforms simple designs and materials into elegant pieces with a touch of creativity; and, intentionally mixes rustic and refined materials into upcycled, beautiful pieces. 

This collection reminds us that beautiful things can come from ordinary places.

Photo of Belen Studio Line | New Ravenna from Pinterest.



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