The Metallic Chevron Collection

The inspiration for this collection was batik chevron striped bone beads that were hand painted by Kenyan artists.  The beads embodied modernity, eco-fabulosity, and wearable art.  These beads were not only elegant but trendy in a chic, contemporary way.  The chevron pattern is orderly and sequential, yet, if the pattern is designed another way, can be bold and, even, avant-garde. 

This collection expresses how patterns (the way images and ideas are presented) can evoke different viewpoints and create fashion trends.  The collections use of symmetry is intricate and bold to give it a more contemporary and urban style.  The collection has an industrial and futuristic look by selecting reflective and metallic materials like hematite, salvaged, glass, and bronze beads.  Salvaged beads were repurposed in a new way.

This collection is to remind us that diverse viewpoints and perspectives are essential to innovation and progress.  There isn’t one right way to present an idea or concept.  Therefore, we need to respect different viewpoints and to create safe spaces for people to imagine and reimagine ways to make the world a better place.

Photo created by Tim Mossholder from Pexels.


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