The Hexagon No. 1 Collection

This collection was inspired by a geometrical shape – the hexagon!  Math is a universal language to describe shapes, measurements, and quantities.  The hexagon is a six-sided figure where all sides are equal.  In symbology, the hexagon represents marriage, cooperation, connection, reciprocal actions, sympathy, and communion.  This shape influenced three unique collections.

This geometric series celebrates ingenuity, diversity, and promotes the use of ethically sourced, salvaged, and repurposed materials.  These collections remind us that how you think influences how you act and that ingenuity is not possible without diversity.

This collection was created for people who prefer smaller jewelry pieces with simple, clean lines, and subtle details.  The collection was created for people who appreciate conservative, minimalist jewelry designs.

The pieces in this collection are made from glass and brass beads and from gold-plated brass, copper,and aluminum metals.

Photo created by byMALENS from Pexels.

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