The Refined Diamond Geometric Collection

This collection was inspired by a geometrical shape – the diamond.  Math is a universal language to describe shapes, measurements, and quantities.  The diamond symbolizes clarity, ascension, wisdom, creation, and immortality.  In geometry, a diamond is a rhombus where all edges are equal.  The shape is symmetrical and balanced.

Photo credit: Uzunov Rostislav (Pexels)

The goal of the collection is to showcase the simple elegance of the diamond geometrical shape that is wearable art expressed as fine jewelry.  This design uses lapis lazuli, hematite, and sterling silver beads and metals.  The minimal design of this collection shifts the focus to the materials used and its elegant shape.  

This collection was intentionally designed for people with metal allergies.  Sterling silver, when it is not plated with nickel and other caustic elements, is hypoallergenic.  Each piece is cleaned and wax sealed as an additional level of protection.