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Salvage & Shine's Featured Wearable Art

Batik Chevron Wearable Art Earrings

Batik Chevron Wearable Art Earrings

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Product Origin Background:

This limited-edition design was divined by my mother.  It was at this moment when I realized that my mother supported this venture and this encouraged me to move forward with creating Salvage & Shine.

Product Information:

The inspiration for this collection was batik chevron striped bone beads that were hand painted by Kenyan artists.  The beads embodied modernity, eco-fabulosity, and wearable art.  The metal used in this item are metal alloy, aluminum, and silver-plated brass.  These are lever back earrings.

Length:  5.33 cm / 2.1 in.       

Width:  2.34 cm / 0.92 in.

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