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Double Wrap PadLock & Key Chain Necklace Set - A Fundraiser Product

Double Wrap PadLock & Key Chain Necklace Set - A Fundraiser Product

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Product Details

This fundraiser product is available for purchase as a two (2)-piece set containing one (1) chain necklace and one (1) heart shaped up-cycled wooden jewelry box. This is a Salvage & Shine wearable art fundraiser product where fifty dollars ($50) of this purchase will be donated to benefit In Flight Inc.

This double wrap necklace features a thirty-six (36)-inch gold-plated steel curb chain with a gold finished metal heart-shaped padlock and skeleton key closure.  The heart-shaped pad lock and key double as charms and are accented with salvaged metal and gold-finished steel beads.  The metals used in this collection are 12 karat gold-filled metals.  The padlock and key are made from gold-finished metal alloy.

Weight: 78 g / 2.8 oz

The wooden heart box was hand painted and stained.  Inside the box, there is a custom pedestal with a handmade hook for the padlock charm to sit.  The inside and outside bottom of the box are felted. The custom tag is made from eco-friendly hemp paper.  

Weight: 160 g / 5.6 oz

Length: 12.7 cm / 5 in

Width: 13.25 cm / 5.2 in

Height: 7.05 cm / 2.8 in

This set will ship free within the United States of America. Complimentary gift wrapping options are available for this item.  Please refer to the Gift Wrap page for the current gift wrap options. If you decide to have your item gift wrapped, please type the gift wrap code in the notes section of the invoice before submitting your order.

Product Inspiration, Origin, & Artistic Meaning

This set was inspired by the people supported at In Flight, Inc, a non profit organization that empowers people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, to reach for hopes and dreams and support a meaningful quality of life.

The up-cycled heart wooden jewelry box design is an artistic collaboration between Salvage & Shine and Tom Nardi Designs.

The necklace was designed by Alessandra Payne.  The double wrap padlock and key contains a lot of symbolism in its design.  The heart symbolizes bravery and authenticity.  The skeleton key symbolizes self-awareness and determination.  The salvage beads symbolize life’s “baggage” that we inherit/collect which can hinder us from achieving our goals.  So, unlocking the chain necklace reminds us that with bravery, self-awareness, and determination we can overcome life’s obstacles to find happiness and inner peace.

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