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Salvage & Shined Twinkle Toes Workout Socks

Salvage & Shined Twinkle Toes Workout Socks

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Product Origin Background:

This is a limited edition commemorative workout socks was created for African Spa Day Encore, a spa day wellness mixer designed to celebrate African wellness practices that was cohosted by Salvage & Shine, Essentially Emerald, Indigo Awakenings, and Mary Kay on Sunday, April 7, 2024.  This event was created to actively disrupt a woman's tendency to put herself last.  These socks were refined in order to encourage women to stay active by staying fit.  These toe socks are designed to be worn at exercise classes in public locations (gyms and yoga, dance, and pilates studios).  These socks have been embellished in order to celebrate a woman's decision to invest in her health.  

Product Information:

These socks have been (Salvage & Shined) embellished with rhinestones and salvaged beads.  These socks were not created by Salvage & Shine and is a wearable art example of found art.  These socks are available in three colors, pink, burgundy, and purple and one size fits most (shoe sizes 5-11).

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