Salvage & Shine's 2023 JCC Art Fair and Exhibit Raffle Donation

Salvage & Shine's 2023 JCC Art Fair and Exhibit Raffle Donation

I am happy to announce that I will be returning to participate in the 2023 JCC Art Fair and Exhibit hosted by the Jewish Community Center of Schenectady (aka the Schenectady JCC)! This event showcases local artists who sell, exhibit, and teach their artistic passions.  My favorite part of this event is the raffle!  I always see the raffle as an opportunity to create and raffle custom pieces.  I love giving back and I find myself inspired by community events.  

Last year, I donated a piece about Jewish pride and culture.  This year, Salvage & Shine's donation is an eco-conscious necklace called the Eco-Angel Minimalist Necklace.  The inspiration for this piece was partly based on the JCC Schenectady's 2023 Tu B'Shevat (Jewish Arbor Day or Jewish Earth Day) celebration.  This second source of inspiration was the story of Adam and Eve; specifically, the part where humanity's Divinely assigned role was explained.  According to our Creator, humankind is required to love and protect our planet and to care for all the animals that dwell on earth.  This piece serves a visual reminder that we (individually and collectively) are responsible for keeping the earth fruitful and clean.  Each and everyone of us has the power affect positive change in our environment.

The Eco-Angel Minimalist Necklace features a 19.5 inch stainless steel chain and features a handmade pendant made from salvaged, recycled glass, and azurite beads and from silver plated brass and stainless steel metals. This necklace has a lobster claw clasp closure and the length includes a 3-inch extension chain.

Please come out and support this amazing event!  For more info, click on this link.


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