Salvage & Shine's Origin Story

Photo credit: Tim Mossholder (Pexels 2023).

Established in 2021, Salvage & Shine has been operating in downtown Albany’s South End neighborhood and is owned and operated by Alessandra Payne who self-identifies as an African American female entrepreneur.  Salvage & Shine operates 24/7 via its e-commerce website, and in person at maker and community events and by appointment for commissioned designs.

Salvage & Shine is a luxury wearable art jewelry production company that offers elegant, innovative limited-edition pieces that are eco-consciously handmade.  This is an artist owned business that proactively explores combining artisan jewelry design techniques with eco-conscious and environmentally responsible production processes. Recycled, salvaged, and renewable materials are intentionally and artfully used to create each piece which is an original work of art.

Salvage & Shine’s mission is to design and create luxury, wearable art jewelry pieces that are innovative, elegant, and promote multicultural design aesthetics.  Salvage & Shine’s wearable art pieces are made with eco-conscious materials and handmade production methods to inspire and empower customers to live authentically and to protect our planet.  Salvage & Shine primary goal is to redefine luxury jewelry as eco-conscious, environmentally sustainable, and elegant wearable art.

Meet the Salvage & Shine owner Alessandra Payne

Photo credit: NYS OGS Special Events 2023