Collection: The Quatrefoil Collection

This collection was inspired by the quatrefoil geometric shape and its use in Moroccan and Bohemian design, and by women’s liberation.  This collection features Magnesite and Czech bead charms and copper metal.

 This collection intentionally mixes design aesthetics from two counter cultural European female social movements – the Victorian lady and the flapper.  This collection’s purpose is to celebrate both movements and their influence on defining women.  The Victorian era focused on female purity and grace and often pressured the woman to take sexually oppressive and suppressive measures to maintain her “dignified” standing.  Flappers were women who refused to let the Victorian gender expectations censor her self-expression.  These women dared to dream about gender equity and wore gender bending clothing that allowed them to feel and be liberated mentally and physically.  

This collection stresses the importance of finding symmetry and balance when defining oneself, gender, and societal roles.

Photo created by Autumn Labbe-Renault from Pinterest.

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