Collection: The Phoenix Rising Collection

This collection was inspired by a large, mythological bird called the Phoenix.  In ancient Greek and Indian folklore, this bird symbolizes longevity, reincarnation, and resurrection.  Only one Phoenix can live at a time and it has a long lifespan.  At the end of its life, the Phoenix builds a nest of fragrant spices and woods, then it enters the nest and sets itself on fire for a new Phoenix to arise from the ashes, reborn.

This collection celebrates overcoming adversity, reincarnation, and resurrection by mixing salvaged and new materials made from crystal beads, pewter, glass, lava, red jasper, red tiger eye, metal, and salvaged beads and from silver-plated brass and silver-plated aluminum metals.  In this collection the salvaged feathers came from vintage Native American inspired dream catcher jewelry.  The salvage elements were “reborn” into a new collection that maintains its Native American influences by redesigning the salvaged feathers to replicate a fringe pattern.  Ancient Greek and Indian influences were incorporated by adding lava, red jasper, and tiger eye beads, and by adding crystal and ethically sourced glass and pewter beads.

This collection reminds us that overcoming adversity may involve sacrifice but ultimately leads to rejuvenation.

Image created by alyssamcintosh1 from Pinterest.

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