Collection: The Rusted Metal Collection

This collection was inspired by a rusty metal bead that was purchased at a local thrift store.  The bead, once a beautiful vibrant metal work of art, is now faded and rusty.  Often, old pieces are discarded because they lack brilliance and youth.  People are often encouraged to scrap metals because the current condition of the piece causes its scrapped value to be significantly more than its retail price.  However, there are some antique pieces that have flaws, scratches, and chips which help authenticate the item and add to its beauty and character.  This thought led to the concept of this collection.

This collection celebrates antiquity and the beauty of the aging and reengineering processes by mixing salvaged rusted metal, stone, and plastic beads with silver-plated rhinestone beads, gold-plated aluminum, gunmetal-plated aluminum, and silver-plated brass metals.  It is a visual reminder that there is beauty and value in ancient ideas and innovations, which should be studied and appreciated.

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