Collection: The Rococo Sunshine Collection

This collection was inspired by our sun, Ancient Egypt, and Rococo art.  The sun is the center of our galaxy and its energy and light grounds and sustains us.  The sun is a symbol of life, energy, confidence, power, and peace. 

The collection is designed to highlight the graceful and complex nature of our sun and its solar system. The sun became one of the most revered symbols because it is an independent celestial body that other life systems depend on.  This collection exudes power and extravagance reminiscent of Ancient Egyptian jewelry by creating intricate beadwork using new, salvaged, and recycled beads and plated base metals. 

This collection proves that recycled and environmentally responsible materials can be used to make ornate pieces.  The collection was purposely designed in the Rococo stye where art was ornate, elegant, and bedazzled with precious materials.

This collection reminds us -- like the sun -- we can be independent yet still support life in all its forms.

Photo created by Taryn Elliott from Pexels.


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