Customer Spotlight: Yuki Shimizu

Customer Spotlight: Yuki Shimizu

Yuki is my first customer to purchase a piece from my Malian Monochrome collection, which is inspired by the monochromatic color spectrum and race politics.  I am so appreciative of her patronage and so intrigued by her purchase.  She and I have been friends since high school, but I never thought of her as a political person.  I had to learn more about why she bought the piece.  

Photo of Malian Monochrome Earrings   Yuki Shimizu modeling Malian Monochrome earrings

Here is my interview with Yuki:

Question 1: Tell us who you are and what you enjoy doing.

My name is Yuki Shimizu, and I am a university Japanese language instructor.  I enjoy doing weightlifting, belly dance, meditation, and reading.

Question 2:  What kind of jewelry do you wear?  

I used to wear Claire’s earrings when I was in high school and early twenties.  Recently, I became more conscious about what and where I purchase as a customer, so I like wearing sustainable jewelry, and I can wear it longer.  What I cannot live without is a frog ring that I bought in Japan almost 20 years ago. 

Question 3:  Have you ever worn wearable art pieces before?

No, I haven’t!

Question 4:  What made you purchase a piece from this collection?

First and foremost, I like the story behind this collection.  Also, I like how sophisticated they look in terms of color and design.

Question 5:  What was it like to experience this piece in person?  Was it similar to what was photographed online?

Absolutely beautiful. The crystal transforms its color depending on the weather and light (clear, pink and purple, etc.), and whenever I wear them, I feel like I am a piece of art!  I think they are similar to what was photographed online.

Question 6: How does it feel to wear them?

Good. They are light and comfortable to wear.

Question 7:  What does the design concept mean to you?
They give me confidence not only because they are beautiful but, also, I feel like these earrings encourage me to be a better person.
Question 8: How does it feel to be Salvage & Shine’s first product model?

I am so grateful.

Question 9: Is there anything that you would like to tell potential buyers about this brand?

I highly recommend everyone to try their jewelry.  Each piece will speak to you and make your day!  


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