Heart-Shaped Padlock & Key Chain Necklace Product Information

Heart-Shaped Padlock & Key Chain Necklace Product Information

Salvage & Shine raffle donation for In Flight Inc. 2022 Flower Fair and Flea

This item has been donated to In Flight Inc.'s 2022 Flower Fair & Flea raffle.  


This wrap necklace features a 36-inch gold-plated steel curb chain with a gold metal heart-shaped padlock and skeleton key closure.  The heart-shaped pad lock and skeleton key double as charms and are accented with salvaged and gold-plated metal beads.

In Flight Inc’s clientele is my inspiration for this piece.  The heart symbolizes bravery and authenticity.  The skeleton key symbolizes self-awareness and determination.  The salvage beads symbolize life’s “baggage” that we inherit/collect which can hinder us from achieving our goals. 

So, unlocking the chain necklace reminds us that with bravery, self-awareness, and determination we can overcome life’s obstacles to find happiness and inner peace.


For more details about this event, click here.

2022 Flower Fair & Flea Charity Fundraiser  


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