Product Upgrade Alert: Base Metals are now sealed!

Product Upgrade Alert: Base Metals are now sealed!

As I have been popping up to sell my wearable art pieces.  I have been visited by many people who love my pieces but cannot wear them because they have metal allergies.  I completely understand.... because I do too.  I pains me so much to create such beautiful pieces that I cannot wear.  But, now, it is time to fix this!  

For those who have mild skin allergies, I have found a wax seal that is the most environmentally safe option available to seal the pieces.  The sealant product does not harm you or the wearable art piece.  This sealant has been tested by many artists and it both cleans and seals the product.  The sealant does wear off over time so it is best to either resealed or replace the metals.  I wouldn't seal your piece more than once a year.  

This product is the most environmentally friendly available but it does contain trace amounts of a toxic ingredient which is, unfortunately, is an active ingredient.  Other sealants were actually more caustic than this product.  The natural biodegradable sealants stained the piece over time.  I hate that I had to compromise in these ways, but I am happy that the sealant is the safest option for me to work with and for you to wear. 

If you have any additional questions or concerns with this sealant, please email me for further information.  If anyone has purchased my product before August 1, 2022, your pieces may not have been sealed.  I would be happy to confirm if your piece was sealed and then work with you to seal them.

For those of us who have more severe metal allergies.  I haven't forgotten us.  I am working on a more elaborate plan that I cannot share with you at this time.  I apologize for being a tease, but I really do think you will like it!



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