Shalom Aleichem: Salvage & Shine's First Wearable Art Fine Jewelry Set

Shalom Aleichem: Salvage & Shine's First Wearable Art Fine Jewelry Set

Pearl and Lapis Lazuli Lever back earrings with Star of David Charm and bracelet with dove charm in sterling silver

This set was created as a raffle donation prize for 2022 "Art Day at the J" event hosted by the Robert and Dorothy Ludwig Schenectady Jewish Community Center.

Product Information

Shalom Aleichem is Hebrew for "Peace Be With You."  This set consists of a pair of lever back earrings and a swivel lobster clasp bracelet.

The lever back earrings feature lapis lazuli and pearl beads and antiqued sterling silver Star of David charms.  The earrings were constructed with sterling silver metals.  The length of the earrings is 5.72 cm / 2.25 in.

The bracelet is made from sterling silver, pearls, and lapis lazuli beads with a focal sterling silver dove charm.  The bracelet has a swivel lobster claw clasp and an extension chain made from sterling silver metals.  The length of the bracelet with the extension chain is 20.96 cm / 8.25 in.

Product Inspirations

This set is inspired by Jewish nationalism, faith, and a worldwide prayer for peace.  This set is made from sterling silver metals and from lapis lazuli and pearl beads because pearls are believed to be a protective and healing stone and lapis lazuli is said to be a powerful crystal that stimulates wisdom and intellectual abilities.  Other inspirations for this set is the Israeli flag, the Jewish prayer cloth, the Star of David, and the dove as a symbol of peace and salvation.

This set is my first attempt at wearable art expressed as fine jewelry.  Creating this set has been an extremely moving and heartfelt experience.  For quite some time, I have been thinking of designing a religious piece.  So, when I discovered this event and that there was an opportunity to create a custom piece, I was elated!  This event was created to showcase local artists and I felt this was the perfect event to debut fine jewelry wearable art pieces.

For more information about Art Day at the J, please click here.

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