St. Paul’s Center Raffle Items:  The Home Maker Earrings and Bracelet Set

St. Paul’s Center Raffle Items: The Home Maker Earrings and Bracelet Set

Salvage & Shine The Home Maker Set Bracelet and Earrings in red, magenta, green, and silver.

~*~*~*~Product Information ~*~*~*~

The lever back earrings are made from recycled glass, Malay quartz, and serpentine* chip beads and from silver-plated brass metals.  These earrings are 2.75 inches (6.99 centimeters) in length.

The bracelet has a lobster claw clasp and is made from metal, recycled glass, Malay quartz, serpentine* chip beads, and silver-plated brass metals.  The bracelet is 8 inches (20.32 centimeters) with a 1-inch (2.54 centimeters) extension chain.

*Please note Serpentine is a delicate stone that can break upon force/impact so wear this set with care. 

~*~*~*~ Product Inspirations ~*~*~*~

The Home Maker set is inspired by the women and children served by the St. Paul’s Center, a homeless shelter in Rensselaer, NY.  These women and children found themselves in difficult situations that left them without a place to call home.  There are people in this world who do not have a place to live, but that does not mean they are homeless.

The Home Maker set is a pair of earrings and bracelet that is designed to resemble the cross-stitch heart vine border and the floral wreaths that adorn the front door of many homes.  It is a wearable art jewelry response to the cross-stitch design “Home is Where the Heart is.” Upon reflection of this quote, we should feel encouraged to know that our bodies are homes for our soul and that a heartless home is just a temporary living space. 

 Home is Where the Heart is cross stitch pattern by Little Dove Designs

Home is Where the Heart Is Cross Stitch Pattern by Little Dove Designs

~*~*~*~ Artistic Meanings ~*~*~*~

We need to remember that when we have a beating heart, we have the power to transform any space into a home.  And when we build homes, we create spaces that promote peace, happiness, support, and love.  

The Home Maker set is designed to remind its wearer that she is home where ever she goes and to guard her heart like she would protect her home.

For more details about the St. Paul's Center "For the love of Bags and Bling" event, click here.


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