The Art of Business is an Evolutionary Process

Maya Angelou quote "Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better." in green font and black

Starting a handmade wearable art jewelry business is a challenging but not impossible process.  When I dreamed about launching this business, I created business goals that seemed so clear and attainable.  When I attempted to implement my business goals, I, then, realized how complicated it can be when resources are limited. 

As I started business planning and researching materials and supplies, I had to prioritize projects and create business plans in phases.  When building my business, I have to think like chess player.  I have to think about how a single move can impact future moves of all players.  It is also like building a home where you have to build a strong foundation before you can build the home.  And the decision-making processes made me realize that starting a business is actually an evolutionary process. 

This Maya Angelou quote is my 2022 business mantra.  Like the late great Ms. Angelou, I promise to do my best until I know better, then I will do better.  I am working diligently to build a brand that sells quality handmade products that empower others.  I hope you will support me on my journey by visiting, sharing, and shopping at my online boutique.


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