Why I create and sell handmade, wearable art jewelry

Why I create and sell handmade, wearable art jewelry

Wearable art jewelry allows me to express my inner most thoughts in a creative way.  My mind and body unite to transform a thought, idea, or inspiration into wearable work of art.  There was a moment where my fingers were burning from being stuck by the wires I was wrapping and I thought, “It would be easier to sell jewelry made by others!”  Then, I took a break to let my fingers heal and to process, “why I don’t ever take the easy road?”  It’s FOMO.  I fear I will miss out on a learning opportunity.  I enjoy the experience gained from learning a new skill and from designing and creating pieces. 

The wearable art jewelry making process is filled with a variety of techniques that need to be repeated in order to master; that need to be implemented sequentially; and, that involve a lot of planning and design.  You get to play with wires, hammers, and even fire if you choose.  There is so much movement and energy in the creation process. 

Designing and creating wearable art jewelry is empowering and forces me to be innovative.  It is immensely satisfying to imagine a piece in your mind and then be able to create it in real life.  It is liberating to take an intangible thought floating in my mind and build it into a tangible piece that people can see, touch, and wear.  It is a heartwarming and beautiful experience! 

I create wearable art because I want to inspire others to use their hands, bodies, and voices to make the world a better place.  Each piece expresses a mood, concept, or statement that is meant to inspire its wearer to see and embrace the world from a variety of intellectual, spiritual, and cultural perspectives.  My hope is that the wearer of my pieces will be encouraged to take active steps to make the world a clean, collaborative, accepting, loving and peaceful place.

pearl necklaces, bracelets, and earrings on top of a handwritten note

Photo by MoldyVintage Photo from Pexels
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