Albany-based Art Business Partners with Mental Health Nonprofit to Make Art that Supports People Healing from Mental health Illness and Substance Use Disorder

Albany-based Art Business Partners with Mental Health Nonprofit to Make Art that Supports People Healing from Mental health Illness and Substance Use Disorder

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(November 1, 2023, Albany, NY.)  Salvage & Shine, an eco-conscious art business dedicated to creating and selling wearable art jewelry and clothing accessories, is partnering with SeansDream, a non-profit organization based in Goshen, NY, whose mission is providing the comforts of home to people recovering from mental health and substance use disorders.  This will be Salvage & Shine’s third fundraiser partnership since its creation in 2021. 

Salvage & Shine will be selling a custom necklace in its Charitable Products Collection called “SeansDream Statement Necklace” that was designed by Alessandra Payne and Lisa Dembeck, the founder of SeansDream.  Each necklace that is purchased will include a $15 donation for the benefit of SeansDream.  This limited-edition piece will be sold exclusively online at

“I believe that every artist should lean into creating pieces that celebrate social justice reform and advocacy.  Too many people avoid discussing uncomfortable topics out of fear of being seen as “negative” or “different.”  I wholeheartedly disagree with this approach.  My art is my voice; and I firmly believe that we must shine light on negative spaces in order to see progressive change.  Lean into your truth as often as possible and have the courage to discuss the uncomfortable realities of life.  This is why I had to partner with SeansDream!  This organization is working relentlessly to create community support in offering the comforts of home to those recovering from mental health and substance use disorders.  As someone who suffered from severe depression and anxiety, I understand the urge to “numb the pain” in any way possible.  It just so happened that my “drug” of choice was junk food – a more socially acceptable form of self-medication. As a Black-American woman, I consider myself lucky that I was able to numb my pain with food until I found the appropriate healing support services.” Said Alessandra Payne DBA Salvage & Shine. 

“It was an easy choice to partner with Salvage and Shine for this fundraiser for SeansDream. The creator’s passion for quality wearable art is as immense as our passion for quality advocacy. The dedication to making each piece eco-conscious from salvaging beautiful metals shows that there is beauty in any renewal. This is parallel with our thoughts on the beauty in recovery. When it came time to decide on what the piece should look like we chose to work from our logo. Our logo was designed to encompass the emotion and importance of what Sean most enjoyed in his life. We truly believe that someone's legacy is not defined by the pain, trauma, addiction, or mental health disorders they suffered from. Sean’s legacy is one of compassion for those who loved and supported him, his love of animals and the peace he found in nature. Sean loved nature, fall weather, his emotional support dog, and most of all fishing. When we were younger, my brothers and I would love to play in the fall leaves. We would play together under a huge tree in our front yard. We would take walks in the park and collect fall leaves to do art projects at home. I have so many fond memories with Sean in the fall and I couldn't think of a better symbol of our love for each other as such close siblings than this beautiful leaf in this necklace.”  Said Lisa Dembeck, founder of SeansDream.

About SeansDream

SeansDream is a mental health nonprofit located in Orange County, New York that is committed to supporting individuals on the path to mental health wellness and substance use recovery.  This organization provides support through in-kind donations, monetary donations, Goods360, and company sponsorships and fulfill the needs of those in recovery through community programs, fundraisers, and collaborations with individuals, support-specific companies, behavioral mental health centers, long-term sober living facilities, and hospitals to bridge the gap between home and healing. Please visit to learn how to partner with us to make a difference!

About Salvage & Shine

Salvage & Shine is an online wearable art manufacturing and online boutique that was established in December 2021 to create and sell handmade, wearable art jewelry from eco-conscious materials.  Each Salvage & Shine piece has a moral design concept and fuses artistic themes, cultures, and aesthetics to show how ingenuity and innovation can be elevated when there is creativity, open dialogue, authentic expression, and collaboration.  For more information, visit

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