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Affirm Body Positivity Wearable Art Clasped Bracelet

Affirm Body Positivity Wearable Art Clasped Bracelet

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Product Origin Background:

This wearable art piece plays with size to convey beauty and drama.  Fashion (like life) is about taking risks and finding new ways to express yourself.  The focal beads are literally big, brass balls because women need to remember to be brazen toward our bullies.  This wearable art piece reminds us that big is beautiful and that perfection comes in all sizes!

Product Information:

This bangle is made from West African brass, zinc, and gold-plated brass beads and from gold colored aluminum and gold-plated brass metals.  This bracelet has been sealed with wax.

Length:  26.67 cm / 10.5 in.     

Weight:  47.4 g / 1.67 oz

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