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Express Yourself! Wearable Art Earrings 2.0

Express Yourself! Wearable Art Earrings 2.0

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Product Origin Background:

This collection celebrates beadwork by creating statement earrings from beads of all shapes and sizes to represent themes and concepts.

These lever back earrings are inspired by the women whose voices are marginalized in their families and communities across the world.  These women are often discouraged from speaking her mind and voicing her concerns in public.  

These microphone earrings were made to celebrate women's thoughts and feelings and her right to express them.  They are designed to remind its wearer to never be afraid to speak up!  

You have a mouth so use it.  Your.Voice.Matters.Always!

Product information:

These lever back earrings are made from salvaged, rhinestone, gold-plated brass, and faceted onyx beads and from stainless steel chain and gold-plated brass metals.

Length:  9.21 cm / 3.625 in.

Weight: 6.4 g / 0.22 oz

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