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Farimba Companion Statement Bracelet

Farimba Companion Statement Bracelet

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Product Origin Background:

This handmade bracelet is part of the beadwork collection.  This piece was created to honor and thank soldiers and veterans.  The word “Farimba” means “a great brave man” and is an Ancient Malian title given to members of its high-ranking military official class.  

This wearable art piece is a Salvage & Shine companion bracelet -- a romantic take on friendship bracelets -- for this collection This companion piece is made by a woman for a man to wear.

Product Information:

The bracelet is made of gold-plated brass, gold-finished steel, onyx, and salvaged beads.  The closure features a textured gold-finished steel connector and a gold-plated brass lobster claw clasp.

Length: 20.96 cm / 8.25 in.

Width: 10 mm /  0.39 in.

Weight:  24.4 g. / 0.86 oz.

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