Handmade silver lever back earrings featuring a silver dancing horse charm and salvaged beads (white with blue and purple speckles and iridescent green and blue).  The earrings look like dancing unicorns!
Salvage & Shine

Horse Earrings

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Product Origin Story:

This product was inspired by Hope Rising Farm, a nonprofit organization providing equine assisted therapy for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities. The horse inspired wearable art jewelry set was designed to celebrate Hope Rising Farm's charitable works.   The earrings were intentionally designed to look like unicorns as are a wearable art nod to Hope Rising Farm's clients.  These earrings are designed to celebrate and appreciate acts of self-determination and self-reliance.

Product Information:

This pair of lever back earrings is made from crystal, salvaged, metal beads and from silver-plated brass metals.

Length: 5.08 cm. / 2 in.

Weight:  1.5 g / 0.05 oz

Photo credit:  Andrey Petkov (Pexels)