Ice cream cone shaped earrings with a gold cone, blue / brown & white swirled ice cream scoop, whipped cream, and red cherry
Brown and White swirl ice cream cone earrings hanging on display
Ice cream cone earrings in blue hanging on display
Salvage & Shine

Ice Cream Cone Earrings

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Product Origin Background:

This collection celebrates beadwork by creating statement earrings from beads of all shapes and sizes to represent themes and concepts.

These earrings celebrate creativity and are dedicated to makers.  The earrings are intended to bring joy and stimulate the imagination.  These earrings are inspired by summer, cold desserts, and pop art.

Product Information:

These lever back earrings are made from salvaged plastic, glass, bone, gold tone, and metal alloy beads and from gold-plated brass metals.

Length:  7.62 cm / 3 in.     

Width:  1.32 cm / 0.52 in.

These earrings are available in blue and chocolate and vanilla swirl.