Handmade, wearable art necklace made from black and silver metals and different sized silver, black, white, and clear beads
Handmade, wearable art Malian Monochrome necklace on display
Salvage & Shine

Malian Monochrome Necklace

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Product Origin Background:

This collection was inspired by the monochromatic color scale and ancient Malian architecture (the preferred architectural style for many mosques and Middle Eastern palaces)!  This collection is a visual reminder that, like White, Black is beautiful (and pure, fun, confident, and elegant).  Both colors are natural, timeless, and sophisticated.

Product Information:

This necklace is made from salvaged, metal, crystal, pewter, onyx, and bone beads and from silver-plated brass, aluminum, metal alloy, and imitation rhodium plated metals.  This necklace has a lobster claw clasp closure.

Length: 52.7 cm / 20.75 in.    

Width: 1.14 cm / 0.45 in.