Handmade funnel-shaped, lever back earrings made from white bone beads and from silver metal, crystal, and metal beads
Handmade, wearable art Malian Monochrome earrings on display
Photo of Yuki Shimizu, the first customer to buy Salvage & Shine's Malian Monochrome earrings
Salvage & Shine

Malian Monochrome Earrings

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Product Origin Background:

This collection was inspired by the monochromatic color scale and ancient Malian architecture (the preferred architectural style for many mosques and Middle Eastern palaces)!  This collection is a visual reminder that, like White, Black is beautiful (and pure, fun, confident, and elegant).  Both colors are natural, timeless, and sophisticated.

Product Information:

These earrings are made from metal, crystal, pewter, and bone beads and from silver-plated brass metals. These are lever back earrings.

Length:  7.19 cm / 2.83 in.     

Width:  1.17 cm / 0.46 in.