Handmade, wearable art lever back earrings in silver, bronze, and gold
Handmade wearable art Metallic Chevron earrings on display
Salvage & Shine

Metallic Chevron Earrings (Deconstructed)

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Product Origin Background:

This collection is to remind us that diverse viewpoints and perspectives are essential to innovation and progress.  There isn’t one right way to present an idea or concept.  Therefore, we need to respect different viewpoints and to create safe spaces for people to imagine and reimagine ways to make the world a better place.

Product Information:

These earrings are made from salvaged, hematite, crystal, and bronze beads and from silver-plated brass metals.  These are lever back earrings.

Length:  5.74 cm / 2.26 in.     

Width:  8.1 mm / 0.32 in.