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Nature's Crown Wearable Art Earrings

Nature's Crown Wearable Art Earrings

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Product Origin Background:

These wearable art, lever back earrings were inspired by Earth Day and Arbor Day.  This piece was created to celebrate nature's canopy and to raise awareness of its role in oxygen production and clean air filtration.  

Currently, society's need to industrialize has been prioritized over protecting the world's greenery.  We need to think carefully before cutting down trees and only support businesses that are committed to using post consumer waste paper products and packaging.  We need to encourage the leaders in our society to pass legislation that will protect nature's crown and will end deforestation.

We need to respect the canopy's role in keeping us alive.

Product Information:

These handmade, lever back earrings are made from African jade, salvaged, and copper (plated) beads and from copper metals.  These earrings have been wax sealed for those with sensitive skin.

Length:  2 in / 5.08 cm

Weight:  0.23 oz / 6.6 g

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