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Queen Wearable Art Statement Earrings

Queen Wearable Art Statement Earrings

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Product Origin Background:

This collection celebrates beadwork by creating statement earrings from beads of all shapes and sizes to represent themes and concepts.

These lever back earrings are inspired by regal women who continue to live life elegantly in the face of adversity.  This piece was inspired by a dear friend and customer who asked me to recreate her favorite earrings after she lost half of the pair.  These are a wearable art take on retro statement earrings.

Product information:

These lever back earrings are made from salvaged, rhinestone, gold-plated brass, and faceted onyx beads and from stainless steel chain and gold-plated brass metals.  This piece features an up-cycled, hand painted salvaged bead.

Length:  8.26 cm / 3.25 in

Weight: 10 g / 0.35 oz

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