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Redeemed Wearable Art Earrings

Redeemed Wearable Art Earrings

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Product Origin Background:

These earrings are part of a set (a pair of lever back earrings and lobster claw clasp necklace) which features metal alloy cross pendants, mother of pearl beads, salvaged metal beads, salvaged white and off-white beads, and is made using silver aluminum and silver-plated brass metals.  The pieces in this set are sold separately.

This is a religious inspired set which explores the Christian concept of redemption as wearable art jewelry.

Product Information:

These handmade lever back earrings feature silver metal alloy cross pendants, salvaged white beads, and is made using silver-plated brass metals. 

Height:  6.99 cm / 2.75 in.

Weight:  3.2 g / 0.11 oz.

Photo created by Seun Adeniyi from Pexels.
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