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Sunrays Duo Minimalist Bracelets (Set of 2)

Sunrays Duo Minimalist Bracelets (Set of 2)

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Product Origin Background:

These bracelets are a part of the beadwork collection which celebrates creativity and is dedicated to makers.  These pair of bracelets are intended to bring joy and remind us to keep dreaming and creating.

The pair of bracelets is designed to complement the Comic Sunshine earrings and are an abstract representation of suns rays.  The set is designed to remind its wearer to be electric and to spread warmth and joy all over the universe.  These bracelets are coated with a latex based spray.

This piece is sold as a set of 2 bracelets. 

Product Information:

These bracelets are made from gold-plated brass metals and from clay, gold finished steel and gold metal alloy beads.  Each bracelet is coated with a latex based spray.

Length:  24.13 cm / 9.5 in.     

Width:  1.27 cm / 0.5 in.

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