Collection: The Geometric Collection

This collection was inspired by the following geometrical shapes:

– the Diamond. 

Math is a universal language to describe shapes, measurements, and quantities.  The diamond symbolizes clarity, ascension, wisdom, creation, and immortality.  In geometry, a diamond is a rhombus where all edges are equal.  The shape is symmetrical and balanced.

– the Hexagon.  

Math is a universal language to describe shapes, measurements, and quantities.  The hexagon is a six-sided figure where all sides are equal.  In symbology, the hexagon represents marriage, cooperation, connection, reciprocal actions, sympathy, and communion.  This shape influenced three unique collections.

  • The No. 1 collection was created for people who prefer smaller jewelry pieces with simple, clean lines, and subtle details.  The collection was created for people who appreciate conservative, minimalist jewelry designs.
  • The No. 2 collection was created for people who like larger and bolder statement pieces that have clean lines.  These pieces were intentionally designed to have bold but have a classic elegant lines.
  • The No. 3 collection was created for occasions when you need to wear statement jewelry that bling, shine, and ooze drama.  This collection takes the hexagon pattern to the next level by layering it and using larger chains.  This collection also features anklet/ wider width bracelet for added drama!

- The Chevron.  

The inspiration for this collection was batik chevron striped bone beads that were hand painted by Kenyan artists.  The beads embodied modernity, eco-fabulosity, and wearable art.  

  • The Chevron & Crystal Collection transforms the masculine chevron shape into elegant pieces to reminds us that beautiful things can come from ordinary places.
  • The Metallic Chevron Collection expresses how patterns (the way images and ideas are presented) can evoke different viewpoints and create fashion trends to remind us that diverse viewpoints and perspectives are essential to innovation and progress.